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ThreeAnd Free

One of the features of Direct Cellars we're so proud of is our 'Three and Free' program.
We have found that the best kind of wine is FREE WINE, so helping our Customers experience that is great!
We have made it super simple for you to get free product each and every month by doing the following:

Compensation PlanBasics

Fast StartBonus

The Fast Start Bonus is a great way for you and your team to earn commissions quickly.
Each time you enroll a Premium Wine Lover (PWL) or Elite Member, you earn the Fast Start Bonus.

Each PWL you enroll earns you...

$125 Fast Start Bonus

Each PWLE you enroll earns you...

$250 Fast Start Bonus

In the above example, a DC Rep would earn the following in commissions...

$125 + $250 = $375

Dual TeamBonus

Often refered to as 'Binary', the Dual Team Bonus is one the most powerful aspects of the Direct Cellars Compensation Plan.

Build two Sales Teams (Left and Right) to earn up to 20% in Over-ride Commissions.

Each time a new PWL, PWLE or Customer enrolls in your organization, you accumulate Business Volume (BV).

The BV from your team is stored until you are paid on that volume.

Your percentage of pay is based on your Rank.

Rank Requirement* % Over-Ride
Wine Enthusiast 2 6%
Wine Critic 3 8%
Wine Specialist 4 10%
Wine Expert 5 12%
Wine Connoisseur 6 14%
Wine Aficionado 7 16%
Wine Master 8 18%
Master Cellar 9 20%

* Personally Sponsored, Active PWLs or PWLEs


As a qualified and Active Member, you can earn up to 10% on the monthly BV within your organization - up to 9 levels deep.

It's all about helping others! Once you have personaly sponsored a few people, ask if you can help them get started and build as a team.

Check MatchBonus

Earn a Check Match Bonus on the Dual Team Pay of your first four levels.

Check match is on the binary and Uni-Level commissions earned, excluding all fast starts, promotions or other check match commissions.

Income DisclaimerPlease Read

There are no guarantees for success in Direct Cellars. As with all business endeavors, success requires good market conditions plus a lot of hard work. The average participants in our business earns between $500 and $2,000 per year. These estimates do not include the costs incurred in building a Direct Cellars business.